Hello World (wide web)

Keep Calm


Grow A Mustache

(or at least rock a fake one)

Hey there, we like your (facial) hair. Rosalie and Lily here; Baltimore natives, hardcore laxers, wannabe style icons, fake mustache fanatics, and biological sisters are our current occupations (+ newbie bloggers.) And might we say WELCOME!

So kicking of 2012 and our blog here are some fake facial hair facts for ya:

1. The most famous incident of mustache impersonation was Charlie Chaplin’s in The Tramp

2. National Fake Mustache Day is May 7th

3. Chicago was named the most mustache friendly city by the American Mustache Institute

4. There is in fact an American Mustache Institute

On a more serious note,

If you or someone you know is suffering from severe mustache jealousy, a fake-stache may be just the solution. CAUTION: side-affects may include; giddiness, non-stop smiling, and/or uninhibited feelings of utopia. Remember, STICK WITH OWN RISK!

In case you are still not convinced of the power of the mustache, we have compiled a list of the most practical uses of the fake-stache:

1. Apparently to fit in in Chicago and also probably Texas

2. To make those Daddy Daughter moments even more special

3. The rule “dress to impress” does NOT wait  for puberty

4. And of course the golden rule, “never get caught in public with a naked upper lip)

*Lily and Rosalie*


One response to “Hello World (wide web)

  1. Pootooth McAsskite

    Eye lik it

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